Team Programs
    Riptide U13 - Summer
    Summer lacrosse is a great opportunity for players to work on skills learned in the spring season, travel to fun
    tournaments and learn from new friends and teammates.  The most important aspect of summer ball is that the
    each player’s ability and give them plenty of opportunity to play live field lacrosse.  In 2012, we entered 6 teams
    each player’s ability and give them plenty of opportunity to play live field lacrosse.  In 2012, we entered 6 teams
    (boys and girls) into three tournaments over the course of the summer, including age groups U13, U15 and U19.
Summer Ball
Ryquin's Past and Present Teams
    During the fall season, much time is spent re-enforcing the fundamentals of the game.  For many players it is a
    chance to knock off some rust that built up in the off-season and begin preparations for the pending tryouts in
    the spring.  During the fall we encourage our coaches to implement new team drills while also taking the time to
    work with and instruct individual players.  The fall culminates with team entry into the Ryquin Lacrosse Harvest
    Tournament (November).
Fall Ball
    The Lil Fiddlers are a crew of girls and boy players ranging from 3 to 7 years of age taking on the practices like
    pros.  The coaches are teaching the kids about the game, basic fundamentals and providing a fun opportunity
    Start'em young and raise them right! The Youth Training Camp is the next level for U9 and U11 players in full
    equipment: helmet, shoulder/elbow pads and gloves.
Lil Fiddlers 3-7 year olds / Youth Training Camp
Team Photos
    Ryquin - U19, U17, U15 - Fall
    Rio City - Spring (2012/2013)
    Wicked Owls - U9 - Summer
    Ryquin has offered a variety of opportunities over the years from U13, U15, U17, U19, Mens level and Girls
    lacrosse teams, camps/clinics and tournaments.  This year the expansion to the U9 boys team is very exciting.  
    The Wicked Owls are the first Sacramento based U9 team.  It is comprised of boys under the age of 9 (as of
    August 31, 2013) who love lacrosse and/or want to experience the rush and fun of playing lacrosse in the
    spring. The players learn the fundamentals, skills and understanding of the sport of lacrosse.  The players will
    also be provided a fun opportunity to run around and work on their hand-eye coordination.  Players will receive
    individual and group trainings through each practice to help them grow as a player and as a team.  
Wicked Owls U9